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The initial plan that was made for this conservation project was to ensure the it covers 14 villages where by each village is selected to have a community forest reserve to up hold including some eco-industries for example lodges, skills centers local craft and many others. The main intention of this project however was to establish a nature reserves the cover about 85sq.Km. In the end nature reserves were situated strategically in a way that a natural band of land was created to permit free movement of the animals around those villages.

Prevention of poverty was also another reason as to why Ballabu project was formed, it had been noticed that through the formation these projects, poverty among the local people would be overcome and that is through the sustainable development plans.

In order to ease the movement of animals around the villages, the project aimed at providing a deliberate link up among the forest reserves since every village will be having a community forest park. The initial plan was form an 85sq Kilometer conservation area.

Water lilies

The project aimed at making each village self-sufficient in order to reduce on the rates of poverty among the local members. All the facilities offered to the villages will be improved for example education, health services, water sources and many others. This is because all the project profits will be forwarded towards development since the projects will be 100% owned by the villages.

Lawrence Williams and James English are the two main mentors in the project and they were actually the initiators of Makasutu. These people aim at strengthening the support for this project in and out side Gambia.

Through that relationship with comparable schemes from all over the world, the project will provide guidance  to the Ballabu Conservation Project specifically on areas to do with conservation, reforestation, and social enterprise and will also highlight the work of Ballabu through an exciting exhibit within the Rainforest Biome.

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