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Andohahela National Park

Located in the Androy region in the south east Madagascar, Andohahela Madagascar National park is on the best nature parks in Madagascar. The park shelters the wealth of Mother Nature; flora and fauna in the dense rain forests at 1972m. The park covers a more than 7502 sq kilometers area in the districts of Taolagnaro and Amboasary-Sud which are connect by road.

Much of the plants and animals in the park are endemic to the south and eastern parts of the island just as other national park in Madagascar. More than 1,000 species of plants are recorded in the park-90 of the park is under humid rain forests with exotic species of plants, 270 ferns, palms, dwarf baobab, octopus tree (blooms in August), wild vanilla, ebony and the tree of  the traveler are some of the most unique plants found in this part of Madagascar.


Andohahela is home to nearly 12 species of lemurs of which 5 have a habitat in the dry forest. Some of the others species of fauna in the park include 69 reptiles, 49 amphibians and different species of mammals. Some of the reptiles in the park include the nocturnal gecko, chameleon, brurrowing snake, rock dwelling gecko and the terrestrial lizard among others.

More than 250 birds are found in the park including the red tailed Newtonia which is an insectivorous bird measuring 20cm in height.

The lemurs are the national identity to Madagascar as an island and are a major tourist attraction on Madagascar holidays. Maki lemur (Lemur catta) is one of the major sights in the humid forest-grey with colorful tail in white and black. Other lemurs found in Andohahela National park include Verreaux’s Sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi) found in spiny bushes, Eulemur Lemur-brown collared with specific characteristics for the different sexes.

Travel Tips

Andohahela is found in Tsimelahy where some taboos are very crucial. Any traveler is not allowed to take in goat or pork and then reach the sacred lakes of Antaravola. In  Mangatsiaka, turtles is a taboo and sacred for some places near the park.

Hiking and nature walks are an adventure to have in Andohahela and it is recommended that all hikers carry comfortable hiking boots, wear warm clothing for walks in the humid forest, rain coat and long sleeves/ repellant for insects such as mosquitos.

Some parts of the forest in Andohahela have tombs and memorial sites which are part of the sights and attractions in the park.

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