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Madagascar Attractions

Lying within the Indian Ocean is a small Jewel Madagascar an island nation that boasts of a rich wild gem of Mother Nature. Every visitor that goes to the island is astonished by the rich flora and fauna availability and the great opportunity to explore some of the most outstanding unique wildlife on earth.

Major Attractions In Madagascar

Parc National de L’Isalo

Within Toliary area, southwest of the adjacent Antananarivo is Parc National de L’Isalo which holds sandstone structures dated back into the Jurassic time. The national park hold fire-proof forests, open grasslands and deep canyons. It is a very stunning area ideal for hiking particularly in the canyons.

The plants and wildlife are also very spectacular and the park has over 15 lemur species, over 80 bird species and more than 30 reptiles. Many of these species are unique to this island and can’t be seen anywhere else on earth.  In Madagascar you will see the fire-proof Tapia plus Heza forests, and the riparian forest together with rivers. Therefore book a guide to take you through the exciting trail which runs between one to seven days but all worth experiencing. .

Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana National Park (hot-water in Malagasy)is the most magnificent forest on earth with a vast diversity of wildlife. There are more than 10 lemur species the spectacular golden-bamboo lemur and more than 120 catalogues species thirty of which are endemic to the island.

Being a rainforest, the wild animals are not the only attractions in the park but it is more like a magical woodland painted out of children’s’ story books. There are rare trees, carnivorous plants and medicinal trees together with various palm plus orchid trees. The small streams that converge into the Namorona River divide the forest.

Andasibe and Mantadia National Park

Initially being one forest, the Mantadia plus Andasibe National Park are now divided into two separate forests with the latter being adjacent to the Andasibe village whereas the former is a bigger park. These very thick humid forests hold some of the most unique plant species on earth. they are characterized by mosses, ferns, orchid and lians plus some valuable but rare tree species.

What To See

The indris call re lemurs that you shouldn’t miss. They are the biggest lemur projecting to one meter high and their weird cry echoes all through the park.  Unique about this park are the habituated lemur families open to human visiting. In addition to these are thirteen more lemur species, fifteen mammal species and close to one hundred species of birds such as the Madagascar Wagtail. There are over 45 reptile species including the leaf tailed geckos and the largest chameleon on the island.

There are various trails in the forest you can partake to view the wildlife and they usually include several sacred places of the long ago forest occupants.Madagascar is more of a huge playground in which nature experimented it wildness. There are several plant, reptile, birds and animals in Madagascar and a visit to the various national parks is the finest idea while on this island.Accommodation in Madagascar ranges from luxury hotels,lodges,guest houses as well as apartments,you are kindly recommended to book in advance to avoid any in conveniences.

 Attractions in Madagascar

Over time Madagascar has gradually become a famous holiday destination among tourists with hundreds of holiday makers jetting onto the island to enjoy the true African tranquil,, beauty and nature. The country’s good cultural and historic past has allured several people into visiting the islands. Listed below are some of the prominent tourist attractions in Madagascar that are most enjoyed by visitors and worth visiting.


This is the capital city of Madagascar and it is commonly referred to as Tana by the local residents.  This capital unlike many in the world is comprised of several winding cobbled streets with small houses having wooden balconies plus shattered windows. The city lies on several hills which give it a cool highland locale. The city has very lively markets, numerous historic sites, architecture and most of all are the very hospitable people. The city is very ideal for trekking with spectacular views of the sunset over the backdrop hills.

The Queen’s Palace or Manjakamiadana

The Queen’s palace is a section of the enormous royal complex that was constructed for Queen Ranavolana back in the seventeenth century. Unfortunately, little of the palace’s previous beauty is seen today following the large fire that gutted the place in 1995 destroying most of the furniture. What remained was an empty hall of the queen’s palace, part of the tombs, a church and a stone gateway. Today reconstructions are still in progress although the place remains opened to the public at no charge.

The Ranomafana Hot Springs

These hot springs can be accessed by the bridge and seen near the previous Hotel Station. The baths are somewhat rural in style despite the magnificent setting which makes the facility rather a comfy place. The springs are popular for their naturally flowing mineral water which has a lot of medical importance such as helping with rheumatism, asthma and many others. Adjacent to the springs is a stunning swimming pool in which you can deep or float as you admire the scenic neighborhood.

Tsimbazaza Zoo plus the Botanical Gardens

A few kilometers from the capital Antananarivo lay the beautiful gardens together with the impressive Zoo which have attracted some of the largest numbers of tourist on the Island. In the zoo you will majorly find indigenous animals like the aye ayes, lemurs and the fossas. The botanical garden has is rich with various local plants and a very rich bird life which make it a perfect spot for bird watchers.  The place is opened daily from 9am to 5pm and entrance is at an affordable charge.

Antananarivo Crocodile Farm

This farm is a lake of hundreds of various sized crocodiles all living in the same environment. It is offers a very scenic view especially for first timers. Making a visit during the feeding hours which is at midday; will allow you to see a lot of activity among these crocodiles. This is a good place to visit particularly for individual who want to learn more about the history of crocodiles on this island. There is a gift shop and a wonderful restaurant in this place and it is opened daily from 9am to 5pm with admission at an affordable charge.

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