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Madagascar is an island that was separated from the African continent years ago and is located on the Eastern Part of the East African coast. It is a wonderful place that many people are now heading to the country for vacations and relaxation. And as we all know that when plans a safari to a foreign country, there is need to be prepared especially in terms of accommodation and that is why today we are going to look at the different accommodation facilities that you can look at before travelling to the Island.

Madagascar hotel

The accommodation facilities that are found in the country are classified into three ranges that is the budget, mod range and luxury accommodations.

  • Budget accommodations

The budget accommodations are those that fit into a low budget. They have standard rooms and services although in most cases you will end up sharing some facilities like the bathroom and toilets.

  • Mid-range accommodations

These are mostly comfortable and they provide self-contained rooms although there are some special facilities that you are not going to find in the mi-range hotels but you will be comfortable.

  • Luxury accommodations

Luxury accommodations are often used by tourists that are working with a high budget. They are always comfortable, have all the services that one needs like WIFI, swimming pools, self-contained rooms and others that will be worth all the money you spend there.

Budget accommodations

Budget accommodations are rarely used due to the conditions that they are always in but the most commonly use are the mid-range accommodations and the luxury accommodations. Some of the budget accommodations found in Madagascar include the following:

The Ranche’d Isalo

This is just a few kilometers from the Isalo National Park and is surrounded by lush gardens filled with different kinds of fruit that is grown in Madagascar. It has comfortable and rooms that are basic but with good services. They also offer good delicious meals and you get the spectacular view of the Isalo Mountain.

The Le Paradisier

The Le Paradisier is located in Tulear and is built using stone. It has simple and comfortable rooms which are self-contained and they also offer delicious local cuisines that are to die for. It has a god view of the coast and you also get to eat some sea food and join in the trekking excursions that are prepared for the different tourists.

Mid-range accommodations

The various mid-range accommodation facilities that you will find in Madagascar around the various tourist attractions include the following:

The couleur café

The couleur café is located in Antsirabe in an extremely quiet place with no noise from the city center and is one of the best mid-range facilities in the area. They have rooms that are built with brick, wood and tiled allover and the rooms offer all the privacy that you want. They also offer good meals in the dining hall, a bar and a gift shop where you can get yourself good souvenirs from Madagascar.

The caliente Beach Lodge

This is located in the south Western part of Madagascar on the Tulear beach. The lodge offers spacious rooms which are self-contained and offers privacy to all their clients. They also have various activities that you can engage in like sports on the beach, swimming, tennis and others which will keep you entertained throughout your stay at the lodge. They have extremely delicious meals and also have a mini bar where you can spend your evenings from relaxing.

The Palm Resort

The palm resort is located in Tamatave near the airport at II Saint Marie and it is the nearest accommodation facility that tourists can use before they venture out to the different attraction sites. They have unique rooms which are all decorated to suit everyone’s personality, they are self-contained rooms and they also have a swimming pool where you can relax from and not forgetting the delicious meals that are provided from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Susie’s place

Susie’s place is strategically located near the international airport of Madagascar and offers the best services especially for those that want to rest after a long flight into the country. They are located in a friendly environment with self-contained rooms which are spacious and comfortable allowing you the much needed rest before you continue with other activities. They also have good meals and the owners make sure that you have 24/7 room service if you need it.

The Sakamanga Hotel

The Sakamanga is located in Antananarivo in a very quiet place with well decorated self-contained with private balconies for each guest. You get to enjoy the wild while in the vicinity of your room, they also offer delicious meals and have a bar where you can relax from. It is the best place to stay especially after a long day exploring the Antananarivo National Park.

The Bellevue Hotel

This is located in the dusty Ifaty town and offers a wide range of services to its clients. They have several cottages which are grass thatched and these are spacious as well as self-contained and offers you a great view of the fishing village in the area and the rooms also offer you a good view of the beach.

Luxury hotels in Madagascar

Below are some of the five star hotels or luxury accommodation facilities that are found in Madagascar.

The Constance Tsarabanjina

The Tsarabanjina is located on a private Island that is located in Madagascar and it has one of the best villas around. It is an extremely good place for all those who love diving, trekking and enjoying the beautiful beach activities that can be carried out throughout the year.

They have 25 beautiful spacious beach villas which are self-contained. The rooms are grass thatched giving them a unique look, they are air conditioned and they also have private balconies where you can enjoy the view. The Constance Tsarabanjina offers great meals that are both local and international and not forgetting the good sea food that you will not taste anywhere else in the country, a lounge and when you visit the beach an umbrella is provided so that you do not get sun burn.

The Relais De La Reine

This is located near the Isalo national Park and offers the best accommodation facilities around Isalo. From the vicinity of your self-contained room, you will be able to see the rocky view of the Isalo and most probably take a hike when the need arises. They offer delicious meals and these can be delivered wherever you want to eat from, a private balcony adjacent to your room, a natural swimming pool and horse riding to keep you relaxed throughout your stay at the hotel.

The L’Heure Bleue

The L’Heure Bleue is located in Nosey Be on the Madirokey beach. It has wide and spacious luxurious bungalows and cottages which were designed to suit one’s tastes. The rooms are self-contained, have private balconies where you can easily rest from and view the beach scenery with all the privacy that you need. They also provide meals at any time of the day as long as you order on time and they offer various activities that will engage you and make your stay fun. You will also be able to enjoy the wildlife nearby like the Lemurs, dolphins, marine turtles, whales and many more others.

The princess Bora lodge

The princess Bora lodge is located in IIe Sainte Marie. It is less known but has good accommodation facilities that are well positioned so that you are actually able to do whale watching at the coast. You also get a private massage in your room which comes with a private balcony and is self-contained with a private balcony. Due to it secluded location, you get to enjoy the stroll on the beach with less people and you can also help out with collecting data on the whales and the best time to book the rooms at princess Bora is from July to September.

The Vokona lodge

The Vokona lodge is located near the Andasibe National Park. It has spacious self-contained rooms from where you can get a glimpse of the Lemur that jeep on jumping from one tree to the next, they have a private balcony, offer trekking excursions especially in the mornings, delicious meals that can be got from the lodge restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool and Wi-Fi to all the visitors who come to visit the famous Andasibe National Park.

The Anjajavy hotel

The Anjajavy hotel is located in Anjajavy and is the ideal place for all those that want to rest and keep away from the city life. It has spacious self-contained rooms, offers you all the privacy that you need due to its secluded location and you also get to watch the different lemurs that can be found in the Park especially the sifakas. It also provides its visitors with nature walks through the park and visits to the local people with the aid of a tur guide.



is a magic casting island which is said to be the fourth largest internationally located approximately 400km from the eater coast of Africa. Wrapped in a very natural setting rich with attractions like wildlife, beautiful landscapes and the very immaculate sandy beaches; the island is one of the most toured destinations and has attracted thousands of tourists lured may of then to fly to Antananarivo. The well serviced, modern day and very luxurious accommodation facilities on the island have turned Madagascar into a haven for luxury that is not worth missing out.

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